Today we celebrate Reserves Day, a day which highlights and recognises the valuable contribution reservists make to our Armed Forces. Reservists give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing their civilian life with a military career to ensure that, should their country require them, they are ready to serve as part of the military.

Over 25 per cent of our team is made up of personnel with an Armed Forces background, which includes veterans, reservists, their families and those who support the cadets. We would like to say thank you to each and every one of you for your dedication, professionalism and commitment to serving our nation.

We spoke to one of our valued reservists, Andrew Rushton, Training Area Operative at Leek Training Area in Wales and West, who has been a reservist for six years, about his experience.


Andrew Rushton, Infantry Rifleman and Training Area Operative at Leek Training Area in Wales and West

“My role as Infantry Rifleman with 4 Mercian is not only rewarding but it also enables me to gain new skills and take advantage of the many opportunites on offer such as overseas training exercises, deployments and adventure training. The training is really diverse and includes plenty of opportunities to travel – I’ve just returned from a training exercise in Lithuania and have previously deployed to Latvia, Estonia, Croatia and Spain, so I’ve experienced lots of different countries and cultures.

Transferable skills

“As Landmarc has made a commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant I feel supported in my choice to serve in the Reserve Forces knowing that I will receive 10 paid days to fulfil my annual training requirements. With over 25 per cent of the Landmarc workforce being part of the Armed Forces community, my colleagues truly understand and appreciate the value that reservists can bring to the business. The skills I’ve gained such as working in a team environment, how to be a good communicator and ensuring that duties are carried out in a correct and timely manner, are transferrable to my civilian employment and I believe this is a real benefit to companies who are seeking motivated employees.

Supporting OP Rescript

“Deploying on OP Rescript, which is the code name for the British military operation to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and its Crown Dependencies, was a particular highlight of my six year career in the Reserve Forces. Approximately 2,000 reservists from all three services were mobilised to undertake a range of tasks, which drew upon skills and experience from their civilian roles to complement the services provided by the military.

“To anyone who is thinking of signing up as a reservist my advice would be, just do it! Whilst it’s challenging balancing family time with work and my reserve commitment, the opportunities and rewards that it offers are endless.”