Working on the military training estate, Landmarc recognise the value and significant benefits serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to our business, with more than 25 per cent of our employees coming from an Armed Forces background. So to help celebrate Armed Forces Day this year, we’ve asked members of the Armed Forces community about their experience working at Landmarc. Today we catch up with Ellie Costello, Facilities Manager in Wales & West, who tells us what it is like being a military spouse.

“I am the Facilities Manager for Wales & West region covering Swynnerton, Nesscliff, Leek, Kingsbury, Whittington, Sealand and Capel Curig. I have worked for Landmarc for 13 years, starting out in 2010 as Accommodation Supervisor for Swynnerton.

“My husband Ian is a Flt Lt at Tactical Medical Wing, and is currently based at Brize Norton. He is due to move to RAF Henlow in July. We got married in October 2021 and have a three year old daughter called Betsy and I have a 10 year old daughter called Eva.

“Due to the distance involved, it isn’t possible for Ian to commute to work. He usually leaves home on a Sunday and returns on a Thursday evening, meaning that I am flying solo at home with the girls. Life can be a bit of a juggle as the only local family I have are my Mum and Stepdad and my brother and his wife. My Dad lives in Anglesey and Ian’s family are in North Yorkshire, so it isn’t possible for them to help out, however I do have lots of good friends who are there to support me.

“Luckily for me Landmarc recognises the value and benefits of employing members of the Armed Forces community and have been flexible by allowing me to come in later to enable me to do the school run when I need to and also to work from home if I ever have childcare issues.

“There is an increasing awareness by employers that offering greater flexibility can help to reduce and overcome barriers that others in my situation may face, especially if there is an absence of a strong support network of friends and family to help.

“Ian was posted overseas in 2021 serving in Dubai for seven months straight with no rest and reco​uperation (R&R). Being alone for that length of time with a one year old and an eight year old was really tough, but having a supportive employer in Landmarc made things a bit easier.

“Working at Landmarc as a military spouse means that there is a mutual understanding and respect between me and the business. I have a unique insight and understanding of the Armed Forces which I can transfer into my day job, and the business understands and is sensitive to my personal situation. Together we make good things happen, for our colleagues and the Armed Forces.”​​