We’re half way through National Apprenticeship Week and our spotlight today turns to Sheila Smith, Administration Supervisor in East, who shares her experience of the programme.

“I’ve been with Landmarc since 2011 as Administration Supervisor at West Tofts and I restarted a Level 3 – Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship in February. I previously enrolled on the course but had to take a sabbatical due to a family bereavement. The course is approximately 14 months and I am looking forward to getting stuck back in.


A different perspective 

“The sections that I undertook last year were very interesting and even though I was aware of the information and guidance being provided, it helped me look at how I work from a different perspective and I implemented a number of different ways of working in order to become more effective and efficient.

“I’ve only completed part of the course but those sections that I have done, which are ‘Awareness of Self’ and ‘Communication’, had a positive impact on my effectiveness last year and I found both units equally engaging.

“It can be difficult to accept that the way you work may not be the most effective and it is interesting and a little uncomfortable to make changes to how you handle tasks. Saying ‘no’ can sometimes be challenging but I am looking forward to making changes that I hope will improve the way I work.

Work-life-study balance 

“Landmarc and my manager have been insistent that as much study as possible is done at work, but there are times when it is easier to study at home. I find the opportunity to meet and talk to other apprentices on the same course via webinars and classroom sessions very helpful.

“I believe I will see greater value in improvements in my current position, which will benefit the business and my own work/life balance, rather than promotion. The course may help in formally confirming that I have acquired the skills necessary to be a proficient leader which in turn may help in my finding another supervisory position either inside or outside the company.

My advice – go for it!


“The apprenticeship process that I have been exposed to has been very good.  Our instructors made regular contact and provided assistance and guidance when necessary.   Interserve Learning and Development staff, Margaret Markwell – Functional Skills Specialist, Wendy Jenkins and Joanne Clarke – Training and Development Officers were also excellent.  

“My advice to anyone who is considering an apprenticeship is to go for it!  It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always something new to learn and improve.  An apprenticeship at this level provides you with opportunities to network with staff from other companies. Don’t be put off from asking for assistance from your colleagues both in and out of your region and make sure you take the time offered at work to do your studies.  We are all busy but spending the time to study will benefit you as a person and the business”.