Sheena Skidmore is a veteran who now plays a vital role at Landmarc as a Training Area and Facilities Manager. She recently led the Landmarc team that supported the military rehearsals for Operation Forth Bridge, the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Sheena Skidmore

“I was a Military Police Officer in the Army.  I served in training establishments, both Phase 1 and Phase 2. My first posting was Colchester police station, followed by Germany, ATR Winchester, Northern Ireland, RMP Phase 2 training establishment and Aldershot Military Police station. I also completed tours of Bosnia and the Middle East on operations.

“My most rewarding experience in the Army was as a Phase 1 instructor at ATR Winchester.  I was a squad instructor teaching skill at arms, CBRN, map reading, first aid etc. I loved it! Collecting a minibus full of untrained young, enthusiastic individuals from the railway station on day 1, week 1 and watching them progress into trained soldiers.  On pass out day seeing the families all emotional having seen the huge transition of attitude and behaviour, turning these people into junior soldiers embarking upon their careers in the Army.  It was very rewarding.

“I now work at Landmarc as a Training Area and Facilities Manager at Brunswick Camp in the South East and every day is different. I inspect all the ranges and run the facilities management for all buildings, ranges and training areas. Everyday is so varied, I don’t think I will ever be bored.

“Having a knowledge of how the Armed Forces train or use ranges is invaluable.  It gives us a greater knowledge of how we can best support them.  Helping them get the best from their time on site and achieve their training objectives as safely as possible.

“I think the fact that Landmarc guarantees an interview for veterans is brilliant.  The process of applying for a job, writing a CV and sitting an interview are all good experiences – even if you don’t get the job.

“My advice to anymore leaving the Forces is make sure you target your resettlement towards your goal, don’t just follow everyone else with what they are doing.  Don’t be afraid to make contact with industry to find out what they are looking for in an employee and use the information to tailor your training.”